Seven Starship Launches orbit Massive Space Telescope

Expanding the Universe with a bigger viewer

The Giant Space Telescope Launch Foundation: Unveiling the cosmos’ wonders. Design, manufacture, launch, and operate the largest space telescopes. The advent of 8 meters of cargo hold diameter by 8 meters tall cylinder, plus the cone demands a space telescope to match.

Our Mission

The Giant Space Telescope Launch Foundation will take full advantage of the size, capacities, capabilities and promised inexpensive regularity of launches. We are a new Foundation planning on launching ever larger wider-looking space telescopes so Humanity can see where we are in the universe.

Upcoming Projects

Our team meticulously plans and executes the launch of the largest telescopes, revealing the universe’s hidden marvels. Our first, a daughter to the Giant Magellan Telescope Observatory ( out in Chile, expects to mold all 7 8.4-meter diameter mirror blanks simultaneously then grind them to prescription simultaneously with 7 grinding machines. We expect to be ready about the same time SpaceX’s Starship certifies for human spaceflight, since ISAM assembly on orbit is planned.

Research Insights

This method of manufacture is a simple step into modern production techniques. Instrumentation will be crucial, matched to the prescribed electromagnetic spectrum spread chosen for this first effort. Many more should follow, still wider out on the spectrum.

The method of casting the blanks is not new, as telescope production in retail settings utilizes it. Ramping up to this scale is new.

Having many science instruments under the photon bucket is not new, but having a 25.2-meter bucket will be. Interferometry with GMTO will be a regular occurrence, in cooperation with the management at the Chile site.

Supporters’ Voices: What They Share

We are dedicated to pioneering space exploration. Here’s what our supporters say about the Giant Space Telescope Launch Foundation.

The Foundation’s vision reaches beyond the stars.

Ashley Davis


Their mission is a blend of innovation and ambition.

Robert Wilson

Space Enthusiast

Each project is a testament to human ingenuity.

Megan Anderson

Science Communicator

The Giant Space Telescope Launch Foundation is dedicated to revolutionizing space exploration with groundbreaking orbital telescopic technology.

Rocky Dezelle

Astrophysics Expert

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